7 things you did not know about liquid porcelain

When renovating floors and walls, there are many options in the market. Liquid porcelain is one of those, standing out above others thanks to its advantages such as its easy application and resistance. This material, far from what we can imagine, is not exclusive to use outdoors, it can be used in the same way inside our home, generating impressive results after its installation.

In this article we tell you seven powerful reasons to consider its use when you go to renovate your home.



  1. What is liquid porcelain?

Liquid porcelain is a high quality ink. Its thickness can be greater than that of other varnishes, and, therefore, also offers more resistance to aggressions, making it an excellent paint for surfaces in passage areas. It is applied with a roller and its drying time is fast.



  1. A simple and fast application

While the epoxy resin may require more time in its application, the liquid porcelain is applied in a simple and practical way. Although we apply two or three layers of paint, the thickness has a maximum of 0.3 mm, being more than enough to have a smooth finish. However, it is always advisable to have the help of a professional, because, although the process is not complicated in itself, the finish will depend a lot on the skill of the person who applies it.



  1. Paint with great adhesion

This painting is an alternative when renovating pavements and walls; and it is that the liquid porcelain has great adhesion in ceramic surfaces. This places it as a good alternative when it comes to painting the floors that have lost brightness or color, or simply renovating those tiles that have become obsolete. In addition, it also covers wood surfaces without problems. Now, it is important to clean well, with soap and water, the surfaces that we are going to paint to remove any dirt and grease.



  1. Paint resistant to climatic changes and humidity

Liquid porcelain is a very resistant material, not only to traffic and erosion, but also to humidity. In addition, it should be noted that this type of paint is not altered by temperature variations, regardless, therefore, if we are in a warm or cold area, it is also insulating. As if all this were not enough, we are also talking about an anti-slip material, something very interesting in some areas of the house.



  1. Interior customization capacity

Most of the colors that you can see in the color charts of conventional paints, can be reproduced without problem in epoxy paint. Therefore, in addition to a resistant material, this is a proposal that allows the complete personalization of the spaces.



  1. Brightness or matte

In terms of its finish, the most prominent are in gloss and matte. The surfaces painted with liquid porcelain glossy finish, give that glamorous touch to the pavements. Gleaming floors that are also easy to maintain. If you prefer the softness and delicacy of matte colors, opt for liquid porcelain with a satin finish.



  1. Easy maintenance

The maintenance of this painting is very simple, both on the floor and on walls and tiles. Water and soap are more than enough, trying to avoid very abrasive products that can deteriorate it.


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Source: proyectos.habitissimo.com.ar

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