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16 colors to match the gray in the home decor

Gray is a non-color or achromatic color, as well as white and black, and that is why, among other things, it is a color that combines with all other colors. King of neutrals and easy to conjugate, gray offers us a multitude of environments and different shades, depending on what other color is combined; and, […]

10 trends in home decoration for 2019

Every year new styles and themes appear. Today, the space in which we live is definitely a reflection of our personality. Obviously, that is why every home has its own essence and tastes. This year, the proposals are a series of very original and modern inspirations. The dark green color and natural fibers are basically […]

9 ideas to decorate small rooms

It usually happens that if your apartment is small, so will most of the rooms that make it up. Learning to decorate small flats has become a necessity for everyone who lives in this century since its construction has been the trend of recent years. Therefore, knowing how to apply simple tricks when decorating, that […]

6 Things you did not know about Policrete Floors

When renovating floors and walls, there are many options in the market. The Policrete floors system is one of those, standing out above others thanks to its advantages such as its easy application and resistance. This material is not exclusive to use outdoors, it can be used in the same way inside our home, generating […]

Ideas for decorating small kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home: in there we spend a good part of the day, we prepare the food, we share good times and much more. It is one of the most used environments in most houses, but sometimes the space is smaller than we would like and we think that there […]


The resin is a type of material for coating based on thermosetting plastic and when it is mixed with other chemical substances, it hardens, which means that when applied in the realization of floors a perfectly leveled and smooth finish is obtained, this material is widely used in homes due to its great ease of […]


Our house is our refuge, the place where we share every moment with our family and friends. So, we always find everything to make it a comfortable and beautiful place besides achieving an elegant result. To do that it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money or make big renovations on furniture, there are […]