16 colors to match the gray in the home decor

Gray is a non-color or achromatic color, as well as white and black, and that is why, among other things, it is a color that combines with all other colors. King of neutrals and easy to conjugate, gray offers us a multitude of environments and different shades, depending on what other color is combined; and, in spite of the fact that, as previously mentioned, it can be combined with all the others, there are several colors with which it gets better. In this article you will see 16 colors that go well with the gray in the home decoration.

•             Gray and white

One of the best combinations that gray admits is gray and white. If you are looking for a modern, contemporary, serene and elegant space, white and gray are your colors. It should also be noted that this combination is somewhat cold, so it is advisable to add warm textiles or perhaps another warm intermediate color.

• Gray and Yellow

Another color very grateful to gray is yellow, both to combine it in walls, as accessories and textiles, as we see. Gray combines so well with yellow in decoration because it reduces and softens the great energy that yellow has. Tip: If you like yellow as one of the colors that combine with gray to decorate your home. Apply gray on larger surfaces, such as walls, leaving yellow to add color accents here and there, with textiles and other decorative accessories.

• Gray and gold. (Copper, brass, gold, etc.)

Copper and metallic finishes are in vogue and gray, along with rosewood, are two of the best colors to combine these finishes.

•             Gray and blue

There are many blues and many shades of gray, but in general they are a successful combination. In walls or accessories. Above we see a bedroom painted in soft blue with the rest of textile accessories in gray and creates a very modern atmosphere.

Gray is a neutral color, which does not provide many sensations, therefore, combine it with a color like blue or others that we will see below, makes the space painted or decorated in gray, come alive and certain “spark”.

• Gray and turquoise

Turquoise is another perfect color to combine with gray. Also applied in walls or in accessories, as we see in the image above of these lines.

Among all these colors that combine with gray, it may be the turquoise color that stands out when combined with gray neutral. Therefore, it should be added carefully, as we see above these lines, because the gray will make the turquoise color shine.

• Gray and pink

Combining gray with pink is a very good success for home decoration, since it gives an impressive harmony to the spaces. Therefore, don’t be afraid to combine gray with pink, because this is one of the best colors that combine with gray.

• Gray and fuchsia pink

You could consider the same color, but obviously it is not. That’s why fuchsia pink is added to this list of colors to match with gray.

More powerful than a standard rose, fuchsia adds that injection of strength and vitality that the gray color lacks.

• Gray and lilac

Actually all purple tones are good with gray, but lilac, violet, mauve … in short, light purple tones are the best combination. Purple is a cold color and should not be added in large doses together with gray because it can create somewhat cold environments, therefore, light tones work better.

• Gray and orange

Another nice color to combine it with gray. Orange is a bold and vibrant color that needs a companion like gray, which puts a brake on it and softens as much energy as yellow or red.

• Gray and red

In the same way that happens with yellow and orange, red is an aggressive color and very strong. So, the gray comes as a glove.

• Gray and earth tones

Almost all earth tones that have a yellowish hue, such as ivory, egg, beige, in addition to dark browns, are colors that we can combine with gray with success. These colors combine with gray so well, because they bring a lot of warmth, something that gray lacks.

• Gray and green

The green is another of the colors that combine with gray in walls and decoration perfectly. Very similar to blue in what it expresses, relaxation and freshness, it gives gray these nuances that it lacks, being a very appropriate color to combine with it.

• Gray and black

We can appreciate in this bedroom with the walls painted gray, how it works with the black of the paintings and other elements that decorate the space. As you well know, black is an achromatic color, just like gray and white, so it is another of the best colors that combine with gray.

However, gray and black, although it is a very elegant combination to decorate, in excess and without other nuances warmer in the scene, it can be too cold.

Therefore, if you choose this color palette to decorate your home, do not forget to add materials and warm textures that counteract the coldness of gray and black.

• Gray and purple

Of course, another of the colors that combine with gray is purple. Although in soft shades like the mauves or lilacs we have seen before, are more appropriate to combine with gray, the purple, in fact, applied in small doses, it may be one of the best colors to combine with gray.

• Gray and mustard color

We have seen before how yellow was one of the best colors that combine with gray; and although the mustard is a yellow tone, it is a trend color that deserves an aside. With more nuances than a standard yellow, the mustard has a more elegant and contemporary presence, which together with the always elegant and modern gray, allows us to achieve the most modern and striking interiors.

Here you have a huge range of colors, different options to combine it with the gray of your walls or floors of Policrete Floors. Choose the combination that you like the most and give your spaces a touch of beauty and harmony.

Source: milideas.com

Photos: milideas.com / cocinasconestilo.net (cover)