10 trends in home decoration for 2019

Every year new styles and themes appear. Today, the space in which we live is definitely a reflection of our personality. Obviously, that is why every home has its own essence and tastes. This year, the proposals are a series of very original and modern inspirations. The dark green color and natural fibers are basically essential for the next season. Therefore, we selected ten 2019 trends to decorate your home.

1. Nordic

It is inspired by the Scandinavian style. Use a neutral color palette with white tones on the walls to highlight the light. Undoubtedly, stuffed rugs and textures will be the must, as will rustic and simple curtains and rugs.

2. Leather

In fact, this trend has never gone out of fashion, but just this year furniture stores create more modern designs and show them as their main items. The result? A warm and elegant touch to your home.

3. Terrazzo

It will give a lot of light and dynamism to your home. You can also complement it with very minimalist decoration objects. Although it started last year, the trend is increasing.

4. Cork

It brings warmth and texture to your home. In addition, you can use it to isolate noise and place photographs and memories. Decorating and harmonizing small spaces inside your house will be very easy with this material.

5. Fringes

This new trend reflects a lot of movement and dynamism. Therefore, you can also complement it with walls using the same color palette.

6. Furniture and ornaments pickled

The terminations with pickling in 2019 come very strong. Although it does not look like it, it reflects a lot of elegance inside the home. Accompany them with items like crystals, to give a contrast between the old and the new.

7. Relaxation corners

It tends to create small corners to disconnect from technology. A place where you can sit down and read a good book surrounded by harmony and nature. Add a little vegetation accompanied by neutral colors.

8. Ethnic ornaments and crafts

This new trend invades the artisanal and natural with very striking colors. In general, you can find them in small towns. The handmade pieces give an autochthonous touch to your home.

9. Natural materials

Crafts and elements with natural fibers are back in fashion, essentially materials such as rattan and wicker will be favorites this season.

10. Dark green and bluish

The shades of dark green and bluish help create depth in interior spaces. In addition, it is perfect for creating accents in rooms where white and neutral colors predominate.

If you plan to renovate your home for 2019, you can follow any of these trends in decoration that will be the guidelines for next year.Likewise, you can complement the image of your spaces with the variety of colors and finishes that we offer you at Policrete Floors.

Source: www.nupciasmagazine.com

Photos: Pinterest / elcomercio.pe (cover)