Ideas for decorating small kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home: in there we spend a good part of the day, we prepare the food, we share good times and much more. It is one of the most used environments in most houses, but sometimes the space is smaller than we would like and we think that there is no way to make it more beautiful than it looks. Is it your case? Don’t worry! We share tips and ideas on how to decorate a small kitchen without dying in the attempt.

Although your kitchen has a few meters, there are some decorative tricks that will help you turn it into a beautiful, practical and comfortable space. It’s not magic: it’s just a matter of a little creativity and good practices.




How to organize the kitchen

Today, small modern kitchens have resources that multiply the capacity of space. Organizers, hangers, furniture to the ceiling and other variants allow adding appliances and objects without sacrificing the beauty of the space.

A good distribution, adapted to each type of space, is the key starting point to get the most out of the kitchen. In general, there are three kitchen designs:

L-shaped: if it is elongated, distributing the kitchen in an L shape is the best option, especially when it is very narrow. Sometimes you can fall into the error of taking both sides equally, but the passage area will be very small and can be overwhelming. If you have no choice but to use the other side, it is key that the cabinets do not reach the ceiling to avoid the tunnel effect.

U-shaped: kitchens distributed in a U-shape are typical of square kitchens. On one side the fire zone is placed, on the other the water zone, and an area of ​​allowance is left as clear as possible to have a comfortable working area.

Only one side: if you have a kitchen-hall or integrated into a single room with the living room or dining room, the ideal is to place it on a single wall, taking advantage of the length. If space allows you can place a small mobile island, with wheels, that will serve as extra support and storage.

Tips for a small kitchen’s decoration

Small kitchens can be very cozy. We share some tricks that interior designers often use to give more breadth and more light, and take advantage of the corners to generate more storage space.

Take advantage of the light: if you can create windows or a serving hatch to let the light in, do it! You will feel more at ease and you will avoid it looking like a small cave.

Open the space: another possibility is to create a kitchen open to the dining room or the living room. In this way you will get more feeling of spaciousness and you will create a space to share with your family and friends. If you choose this option, we give you some advice: buy a fume hood as powerful and silent as possible.

White, your color: white generates a visual effect of amplitude. You can use it on walls, in closets and even on the floor. The kitchens “dressed” in white are much brighter.

Crystal, your material: use glass in all the places you can. On doors and also in closets, especially in those where you keep the crockery, glassware or cups. The glass will not only let the light pass, but it will also reflect and enhance it.

You can choose to hang objects or bars on the wall. They serve to place implements that would take place in a drawer.

It is important to have a good smoke extractor because if the space is small there is less ventilation and air circulation.

How to decorate a small dining kitchen

If the space is small and you are planning the design of a kitchen / dining room, it is important to keep in mind some tips:

The minimalist kitchens are ideal, as this style generates a feeling of greater space in your kitchen. They look compact and elegant and generate a relaxed and positive emotionality. If, on the contrary, the refills of things and furniture, the effect will be somewhat overwhelming.

Organization and order is the foundation of the minimalist. The proposal is that everything is located more accessible and comfortably structured. The motto? Decorate without accumulating objects.

The built-in kitchens are perfect for small spaces, since they fit in a millimetric way.

Kitchens with bars: in modern kitchens the bars or tables are very much used, which, supported on a wall, only have one leg. They are very nice and practical because they take up little space. In addition, they are great to communicate the kitchen with another section of the house, such as the dining room, and expand the space.

Remember that the key to small kitchen designs is the way you distribute the elements and furniture to give it a special touch.

Lighting: one way to give your kitchen a modern and spacious appearance is to place recessed lighting. This means that there will not be a fixed installation of light hanging below your ceiling. Instead of this, there will be a small hole where a light will be placed at the same level as the ceiling.



Kitchen furniture

Furniture is key in small kitchen designs. If we can make custom furniture, the possibility of achieving a functional and beautiful space is extended because every centimeter is used and places are planned for each household appliance. You can also choose modern prefabricated kitchen furniture that could be a solution at a much lower cost.

Thinking well about the kitchen shelf is also essential, because the shelves allow you to place appliances and jars on the walls. Buying cans, organizers and design objects each wall can look beautiful. If you choose well, what could be an accumulation of things becomes a cool corner of the environment. Remember that decorating small kitchens requires that we become creative.

Notice the so-called furniture or multipurpose drawers, they allow to store much more in less space.

Put everything in order and take advantage of the drawers to store implements is a great way to help your kitchen is not as small as it seems.


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