A very modern and current trend is the decoration in gray and white tones in your home, it is a simple and uncomplicated way to give a new air to your spaces. With the mere fact of changing the color of the rooms of your home, you will notice a great change, giving it luminosity and warmth.

Opt for the new preferences of floors such as the microcemento or the liquid pocerlana, materials very fashionable nowadays for housing reforms, given its perfect aesthetics and its practicality, likewise they offer that gray tonality of great tendency for this season.

For the walls, do not hesitate to paint them white, it will give you the perfect contrast, since the light and neutral colors are perfect with any gray tone, another of its advantages is that they are colors that do not go out of style.

This combination of white walls so neat with the warmth of the floor in gray tones creates an environment full of light that allows you to play a lot with the interior design and the decoration of the house. You can prioritize the colors black, metallic, dark gray and natural wood and then insert through furniture or decorative elements other striking colors such as red garnets and thus generate an impressive contrast.



Photo Cover: homeppy.es