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Custom design ideas to decorate your home minimalist style

In the world of interior design, there are many trends and themes that exist to make the home decoration, so that by adapting them we can reflect our personality in each space. Some prefer several elements in a certain space, while others choose a more basic and elementary style. Minimalism is the living example that […]

Policrete Floor construction: 6 things you did not know

When renovating floors and walls, there are many options in the market. The Policrete floor system is one of those, standing out above others thanks to its advantages such as its easy application and resistance. This material is perfect for use in the floor construction both outdoors and inside our home, generating impressive results after […]

Custom Design Ideas to beautify your small kitchen

The kitchen in recent years has ceased to be a simple space just for cooking. This space has become more integrated to the functionalities of the house. In recent years, homes have been built with less space than usual, so there are many small kitchens. However, the fact that these are small does not mean […]


The resin is a type of material for coating based on thermosetting plastic and when it is mixed with other chemical substances, it hardens, which means that when applied in the realization of floors a perfectly leveled and smooth finish is obtained, this material is widely used in homes due to its great ease of […]

The most used colors to decorate small living rooms

Is your living room small and need inspiration to decorate it? In this article we will give you ideas to beautify this particular space in your home. The living room is an essential space in our home, in it we spend part of our time, either alone or with family or friends. Decorating our room, […]


Our house is our refuge, the place where we share every moment with our family and friends. So, we always find everything to make it a comfortable and beautiful place besides achieving an elegant result. To do that it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money or make big renovations on furniture, there are […]