Our house is our refuge, the place where we share every moment with our family and friends. So, we always find everything to make it a comfortable and beautiful place besides achieving an elegant result. To do that it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money or make big renovations on furniture, there are a lot of alternatives to achieve beauty and elegance.

One of these is the election of color for your house decoration and its walls, you can choose a combination of 3 colors. The combination of white, black and grey, as well as brown and beige, always are convenient and elegant, but if you like to take risks achieving colors like red and yellow, it will have a modern touch.

Choose furniture with a minimalist style and just a few ornaments. Sometimes less is more, and that simplicity makes your house the maximum expression of elegance. Don’t fill your home with too many decorative accessories to find some luxury on it. Nowadays, elegance is achieved choosing good elements.

An important point is the floor, choose shades of grey and shiny floors that give luxury and beauty. Right now in the market there are options of  polished concrete floors and flat floors with uniform touches and a mirror effect, such as liquid porcelain, which is not expensive and is as elegant as marble.

Remember, creativity is the fundamental ingredient that is required to give a luxurious and elegant look to your house. Think about a new bunch of colors, try new things, innovative trends in which you can choose the ones you like the most and create your own style.