A PERFECT DECORATION IDEA: Gray floor designs to match intense colors

Gray is a neutral color that is among the favorites when making home or office decoration, due to its sobriety and elegance. At Policrete Floors, this is the predominant tone in their collections and is perfect for the walls and floors design. Gray can be accompanied by different colors, so in this article we’ll share ideas to combine the gray of your floors with your decoration in primary colors: yellow, blue and red:


  1. Gray and Yellow

Yellow is a tone that contrasts beautifully with gray. The combination of both tones is warm, which will make your environments feel cozy. The walls in gray and the furniture or focal elements in yellow will highlight the beauty of your spaces.

Photo: Policrete


  1. Gray and Blue

The gray and blue also combine very well, although the second color is recommended to have more prominence in decoration. The walls in gray and the furniture in a living room in blue, for example, will make a very interesting match.

Photo: Policrete


  1. Gray and Red

Red is an aggressive, strong and very striking color. Dare to combine it with gray and see how they work together, the result is really attractive, contrasted and your space will be perceived modern and charming. Consider lowering the volume of its intensity a little so as not to overload the final result. You can place a dark gray on your floors, a lighter gray on the walls and red in furniture or focal elements of some space in your home.

As you can see, the primary colors work splendidly next to the gray tone. You can use these colors to combine them with the Policrete floors and walls and give a touch of beauty and distinction to your home or office. Visit our website and discover the variety of colors we have for you in our Natural Collection 2019.