Gray floors design with neutral colors for a modern decoration!

Gray is a color that stands out in interior design for its beauty and elegance. Likewise, it is a tone that demonstrates versatility in the floors design and when is combined with infinities of colors that decorate our spaces. However, today we want to focus on how the elements in neutral tones work spectacularly by mixing them with gray floors and walls, with which you will achieve chic and modern spaces in your home and office decor.

In Policrete Floors, gray is the star color in our catalog of colors and when combined with other tonalities of its nature, they make their spaces look fascinating. Look at the ideas we have for you next!

Photo: Policrete


  1. Gray and White

Gray and white are essential colors in home decor. Their combination generates a feeling of purity and freshness and, at the same time, will make your spaces look large and elegant.


Photo: Policrete


  1. Gray and Black

Gray and black make a very good game in home decor. They can be combined with each other or by adding a white tone that brings light and excellent contrast in the room, living room, bathroom, etc. If you know how to choose the right tones, you will make your favorite place generate that sense of spaciousness with a touch of impressive elegance that will not go unnoticed.

Photo: Policrete


  1. Gray and Beige

Made for each other, gray and beige look great together and, if that were not enough, they are two shades that are never out of trend in terms of floor design and decoration. The beige brings that warmth that gray lacks. In this case, the task will be to find the perfect balance between these two tones to achieve the harmony you want to reflect in your spaces. Can you imagine this combination in your room?

There is no doubt that gray and neutral tones make an excellent contrast and is a recommended option for home or office decoration. In Policrete we have a modern range of colors, so if you think about floors installation in Miami, you can see our “Natural Collection 2019“, discover them and choose the one that best suits your tastes. Cheer up, it’s time to renew your special place!


Tell us! What tone would you like in your home or business?