Colors bring us memories, excite us, change our mood and give life to the renovation of floors, walls and countertops of the spaces that we like the most in the home or business. At POLICRETE we offer a range of modern, elegant and perfect colors to make your design vision come true and the emotion it wants to generate in your preferred environment.

There is no doubt that color is vital in the decoration and renovation of your spaces, they are not only the the aesthetic part also transmits your personality and awakens emotions in all those who enjoy the home or office. Dare to give your spaces personality, to experience new emotions and sensations with the combination of colors that POLICRETE products provide in the covering of floors, walls and countertops.

Without a doubt, the colors you choose will make your spaces unique and imbued with your personality.

THE POLICRETE COLOR CHART provides all the colors available for: CEMENTINA, EZ STAIN, EZ DYE and METALLICS.