Our bedroom is a sacred space, where we want to relax and rest. That is why, each element that makes it up: furniture, materials, floors, walls and ornaments; They should be to our liking. When choosing the floor of the room, you must take into account several factors. One of them is that the selected material is according to the size and walls.

There are many options in flats that you can choose, that offer you comfort, economy and elegance. But you must choose the one that best suits your home, for example the weather is a theme that influences this aspect, if it is warm you can choose stone or wood and if it is cold the carpets are your best option. Here are some great ideas to select the floor of your room:


The comfortable natural wood


To make a bedroom more cozy and warm the best option is natural wood. The floors of this material are good in all rooms of the house, look elegant and give a plus to the room. You should only keep it clean and in good condition. For small spaces, light colors are recommended.

The one that resembles the real stone

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With the new trends and updates, there are various economic methods to change or install the floor of your room. One of these options is the laminate floor, it is a resistant material and of different designs that resemble textures like stone, wood, among others. They are a much cheaper option than putting the originals and if installed correctly they can be very similar to what they imitate. This option is practical and more resistant than I thought.


The one that is hard as concrete

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The concrete floor is among the new options of current trends for spaces, this time for bedrooms. This option, besides being economical, is practical, easy to maintain and gives the space an original and contemporary air. It combines very well with other materials that you want to add to the room and because it is a neutral color, you can take risks with other elements to give life to the space.


The bright, durable and original

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Liquid porcelain floors are a new trend that offers you an infinite number of colors and styles adapted to each person’s taste. They will give your room a bright and unique look. They are an economical option, easy to install and maintain. Choose a room full of modernism and originality. These floors are combinable with different decorations and styles.


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