Gray stands out in interior design for its beauty and elegance, pairing well with a range of colors and textures. Regardless of its shade, it is a tone that demonstrates great versatility. It can be combined with a multitude of colors to decorate a space, from bright, expressive shades to muted earth tones. However, today we want to focus on how the elements in neutral tones work spectacularly with gray floors and walls to artfully craft chic and modern spaces in your home or office.

At Policrete Floors and Walls, gray is the star color in our catalog. When combined with other natural, neutral tones, they heighten the style of any space, bringing all its design elements together seamlessly.

Here are a few color combinations promoted by our interior design experts for anyone looking to liven up their space:

Gray and White

Gray and white are essential colors in home decor. This combination generates a feeling of purity and freshness and, at the same time, will seem to enlarge the space and add to its elegance. This combination is best for creating a relaxing atmosphere, such as a living room or bedroom, but can be easily made more sleek with a high-shine finish on the gray floor. White walls will open up the room, while light gray accent walls can add a visually striking contrast to the room. Wall decorations should be minimal to properly preserve the airy illusion; if they are desired, they should be lighter in tone than the floor and incorporate some interesting textures.

Gray and Black

Gray and black also work well with each other, creating an extremely striking space. They can be combined with each other either by themselves or by adding white tones that bring light and excellent contrast into the room. If you know how to choose the right tones, you will add a wonderful sense of  spaciousness with a touch of impressive elegance that will not go unnoticed. Gray and black combinations are perfect for adding a sleek feel to an office, den, or bedroom. Pair these colors with abstract or cubist art for wall décor, but keep on the minimal side to avoid overstimulating the eyes. Furniture should incorporate long, sloping edges and primarily smooth surfaces. A matte or low-shine light gray floor offers a sharp, high contrast with black furniture, complemented well by white décor elements, such as decorative pillows, small furniture pieces, or light fixtures.

Gray and Beige

Gray and beige look great together and are never out of trend in terms of floor design and decoration. The beige brings the warmth that gray lacks, and the gray evens out the space. The creative opportunity lies in finding the perfect balance between these two tones to achieve the harmony you want to reflect in your spaces. The smoother contrast between the two makes for a relaxing atmosphere, fitting for bedrooms and meeting spaces. A medium to dark gray floor with a mildly shiny finish would look great with various beige tones. Furniture should have sharper edges to maintain a low level of contrast in the room, with several different shades of beige and gray via decorative pillows and simple patterns. Creams and whites in small doses will round out the room, paired with clear glass in the form of wall art and lamps.

Can you imagine these combinations in your space? There is no doubt that gray and neutral tones make an excellent, contrasting pair, perfect for many home and office spaces.  At Policrete, we have a modern range of colors, which can you explore in our “Natural Collection 2021” portfolio. This group of colors is created with our Policrete Cement Look technology, incorporating the best materials on the market— Cementina, Boltex, and Ultraseal—to deliver the waterproof, antimicrobial, eye-catching properties you deserve to expect.

We invite you to explore your options and choose the one that best suits your tastes. It’s time to renew your special place!

Tell us! Which tones would you like in your home or business?